When it comes to staircases, you might feel like the terminology can be a little confusing, and often people use terms interchangeably for some of the components. This post will help explain some of the basics. Quality communication will benefit from us “speaking the same language.”

Most customers who come to us are looking for their stair treads to be replaced. Having a seamless flow from floor to the stairway to the next floor can create a cohesive look in your home. But as you can see in the infographic, there are a lot more pieces to the puzzle that need to be discussed.

If your stairway has open/cut stringers then this is a great opportunity to switch out your railing as well. There is a fair amount of labor that goes into removing the baluster, and so it might be in your best interest to consider upgrading your railing to reflect the entirety of your vision.

Another huge design feature is the Newel Post(s). Depending on the layout of your stairs, you may have a few of these statement pieces, not only at the base of the stairway but also at some turns or balconies. Consider the overall design style of your home and use those style keywords as you “window-shop” online.

Now that you have the lingo down, our communication will be on point as we get started on a proposal. You will be able to share some of these inspirational photos and we will share some options to help guide you to the right choices to create a space you love!